El-Rayes Foundation is registered as a charitable organization in Canada to service the community. It offers two programs: The first program is focused on mental wellness and is delivered by H.R. Mental Wellness Centre. The Centre offers a holistic approach to healing that addresses body, mind, and spirit, and complements the medical services.

The second program provides financial assistance to provide basic needs for children from low-income families to enable the parents continue to send their children to school and complete their education through secondary school and higher education.


H.R. Mental Wellness Centre offers the Mental Wellness Program: a holistic approach to healing from depression and anxiety. The program complement the medical services. It provides individual coaching and support groups. In addition, it offers educational programs, moral support, and social networks. The support groups helps patients by providing guidance, empowering them through their healing process, and help them to be the stewards of their own healing. Currently, the Foundation has one location in Vancouver. It is currently raising funds to expand its services to other cities in British Columbia.


In Egypt, poverty leads hundreds of thousands of young people into child labor and prevents some children from going to school or continuing their education beyond the primary schools. They have to leave school at a very young age to work to help support their families.

The Foundation donate scholarships to low income families to enable them to send their children to school rather than to child labor. The scholarships will service two purposes: giving opportunities for children from low income families to continue with their studies and creating a new generation of young people who are kind and strong believers in volunteering to serve their communities. The recipients of the scholarships will form the nucleus for the Egyptian Kindness Movement.