El-Rayes Foundation staff are all volunteers. The Foundation has no overhead costs and 100% of the money donated is spent on the charitable purpose it was given for. Your donation is used to hire professionals to provide technical expertise necessary for our services to be delivered and to make our services available to more people.

The Foundation is filling a gap in therapy and facilitates healing of individuals who suffer from depression or anxiety.

In the Scholarship Program, the Foundation offers financial assistance to provide for the basic necessities of children from poor families to enable these children to go to school rather than being driven into child labor.

The Scholarship Program helps raise a kinder, gentler individuals. The scholarship recipients will become a role model for their peers and the community. Their ultimate goal will be to represent Egypt in joining the World Kindness Movement. It will also help raise a generation that believes in nonviolence means to resolve personal, community, national, and international conflicts.

Monthly donation