El-Rayes Foundation is autonomous and has no affiliation with any political, religious or philosophical groups. It was founded by Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes in January 2006.

The Foundation was established to fill a gap in two areas:

  1. Mental Wellness in British Columbia especially for those affected by depression and/or anxiety, and
  2. Sponsoring children from financially underprivileged families in Egypt to feed the children and pay for their tuition and education costs at school. The program helps stop child labor and enable these students to use their talents to improve their quality of life.


El-Rayes Foundation, a registered charitable organization, helps people who suffer from depression/anxiety in British Columbia, contributes to reducing child labor in Egypt and helps distinguished students from low income families to continue with their education.

El-Rayes Foundation established the Mental Wellness Support Group (MWSG) in 2006 to help patients with depression/anxiety. MWSG provides moral support, social network, and a holistic approach for patients with depression/anxiety. The Group does not substitute professional help, but it complements its services. It helps patients by providing guidance, empowering them through their healing journey, supporting them to be the stewards of their own healing, and providing them with some proper tools to overcome their illness.

The Foundation objective is to make this service available in every city in British Columbia.

The Foundation objective is to help a significant number of children from low income families to help them excel in their studies and volunteer to render acts of kindness in their community. The Scholarship program enables students from low income families to continue with their studies and helps create a new generation of young people who are kind and value volunteering to serve their communities. At the same time, they promote acts of kindness among their peers and in their community. Ultimately, they will form the nucleus for the Egyptian Acts of Kindness Movement.